The beauty in the breakdown

I'm just letting go so I can breathe

I can't fucking stand this!!!
More bad news...

My mom called me this morning. I dread picking up the phone when she calls me now, because it is all bad news she has for me.

You know how I mentioned that my cousins were both diagnosed with cancer within a week of each other? Well...their son died. My cousin Brian was found dead in his car after he was missing for 3 days!!!!

They're still not sure what happened, but they have ruled out suicide. Apparently, he was on his way to work last Monday and wasn't feeling well at all. He was having problems with depression and anxiety, and taking a couple medications to help him. He text messaged one of his co-workers to let him know that he was going to drive himself to the Kaiser emergency room, and would be late to work. That's where he was last seen.

Kaiser, of course, didn't do shit for him. He wasted a few hours there and then left. I guess after he left the hospital he was on his way to work, because they eventually found him in a residential neighborhood.

Missing for 3 days?!?! Can you believe that?! I don't even want to imagine what kind of panic his parents must have been in for those three days.

They contacted the police, who didn't do anything either. Mel realized after what he had told them that he should have just said, "My car was stolen, please activate the low jack" (sp?) and they would have been able to find him. They went onto Brian's computer and copied every address he had ever typed into mapquest to see if he was at one of those places.

3 days!!!

Eventually what happened...A woman who lived in the house that Brian was parked in front of called the police. I don't know how soon she called...we won't know anything until after tests have been done.

Roseanne and Mel were out that night looking for Brian. Brian's older brother, Michael, was at his parents house when the police and the coroner came to the front door to inform him that they had found Brian.

I'm so....blah.

Roseanne has had some mental problems for the last 10 years after her dad died. She really had a hard time with his death. After that, she kind of started to disappear from family events...and rumors spread about what was wrong with her. No one really knew. Well, when Mel called my parents yesterday, he opened up a little bit about how much progress she had made in the last few months. She stopped taking a bunch of medication...including one for paranoia! She started exercising and had lost 20 pounds. And now this...And, she just found out that her cancer is in her lymph nodes. Mel was saying how Roseanne hadn't cried in ten years. She hadn't cried at all since her dad died...until they found out about Brian.

They're not going to have a funeral. They're going to wait a few months for Roseanne to heal from her surgeries, and for Mel, too. And then have a memorial service...when they're ready.

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You know. I must remember that when I wake up in the morning, I might have had one of the best nights. Ever.

Miguel and Mariana are over. We've gone to the bar down the street, and have been drinking for the past 4 hours. I am drunk...but still have control of my brain. However, I do have to be up and at work pretty early tomorrow. I open.
However, I am really having a great time drinking, and singing songs...and probably annoying the crap out of my neighbors. Must go take a few Emergen-c packets.

I also have to say that since moving to San Francisco...I have had the most fun in my life since being here. There is just something really magical about the bay area. =)

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Last nights episode of Weeds was intense!!!

Nancy Botwin is screwed!!!

This is the best thing I have heard all week...
This was something my mom sent me from the democratic underground message board.


I just refused a sale to a couple of 'pukes.

This couple was strolling around the Gallery, picking up things and talking about them.

The woman actually held a blown-glass conch shell to her ear and commented to her husband that it "must not be real, because I can't hear the ocean". That's when I decided that they were idiots and not worth any expenditure of energy on my part.

They finally walked up with a shallow Moroccan bowl, a beautiful piece.

When the woman reached into her purse to retrieve a credit card, I noticed a "Sarah in '08" pin affixed to her purse. So I asked her where she got it and she said she made it on her computer (I was, until today, unaware that one could do that).

So I said, "That's a joke, right?".

And she replied that Sarah Palin is America's only hope for salvation.

I pointed to the doors and said, "The sidewalk is right out there. Enjoy your stay in Tiburon".

The husband said they would just like to take the bowl, please.

I told him that the bowl could surely find a better home, and was - for the time being - not for sale.

He asked me if I was really going to turn down a $1,200 sale because of a difference in political ideology.

I did.

How's this for cute?
My Grandma married her boyfriend of about 15 years today! She's 80, and got married on 8-08-08!

Hehe. I have a grandpa!

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Oh dear lord!...I HATE southern California!!!

And I'm back from Illinois.

Just a thought...
I really can't wait to see who the nut bag is that will blame California's strange weather as "an act of God, because gay marriage is now legal here." Screw them! God has better things to worry about.

On the other hand...I should probably go put museum wax on all of my ceramic pieces. Just in case. My mom overheard someone at the market saying, "It's earthquake weather."

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I think it's hilarious whenever I check my finances online and my statements show a POS purchase.

Yes, I know I waste my money of POS purchases. Piece of shit purchase.

It makes me laugh.

Bubble wrap!!!!

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I leave for San Francisco in the morning!!!!!!!

It's about damn time.

I had to stay down here forever because of various doctors appointments.

Sigh. Someday I'll be able to afford my own health insurance plan, but it might take a while thanks to my pre existing condition. My dad thankfully has his own business, so he can put me on his payroll and give me affordable insurance. All I have to do is a few hours of work every month. I never see any money though, because it all goes to paying for my insurance. I'm happy I have it though.

I don't know how to register for this art production class I need to take.
I know you have to go to a meeting the first week of classes, and then you sign up for a day and time that works best for you.
It's just 3 hours once a week...but 3 hours of ceramic bitch work is a lot.
I did leave room in my schedule though. And I don't think it's the kind of class that can fill up. I'm not too worried.
I just got worried when I realized that I had completely forgotten about it!!!


Anyway...I can't wait to go to my home!

I've had enough of Southern California with its dry weather, shitty drivers, huge suv's, enormous houses, and everyone that looks the same. BORING!!!


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