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Don't you just hate that?!
John and I went downtown today. I felt like going to the Borders there, and not the one that is so close to our apartment. It's four stories, and just plain awesome.

Anyway, I stumbled across this little tiny book called "Don't you just hate that?"
And it's all about stupid little annoying things that everyone.

For instance, the author lists off a few things like...

1. Finding out that your childhood friend that was better than you at everything is STILL better than you at everything.

2. Getting a Q at the end of a scrabble game when all the U's and blank pieces are gone.

3. When someone asks, "What's up?" and you reply "I'm fine, thanks" because you assumed he'd ask "How are you?"

4. That Bacon will never be considered a vegetable.

...And my personal favorite...

The slow, insidious way that your love for something is sucked out of you when you do it for a living.


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